We were honored to have been interviewed by Forbes Hungary for our sixth birthday. In the article, we detail how the idea of a craft brewery was born between six university friends in 2011, how we found the venue and why we completed our offer with a wide range of now award-winning burgers. You can also read about our development together with the pub, how we gained more experience in the hospitality industry, and how our team, as well as Kandalló itself, expanded. The article gives an insight into the need for perpetual financial investment in our development, with which we were able to expand our gallery and had the opportunity to create a unique beer fridge pantry ensuring the best craft beer to be offered from 16 beer taps every day of the year.

You can read about our successes, for instance, the Hungarian Street Food Awards and the Hungarian Kitchen, who have chosen our burger the best hamburger of Budapest. Also, we have received the title of Heineken Budapest Nightlife Awards’s best craft brewery. However, we are not hiding our failures either. For example, we are talking about Kandalló Garden or Kandalló Market on Hold Street, which both seemed like good ideas at the time, but unfortunately were not profitable enough, so we had to let them go.

In the article, we are also talking about how the owners have handed over tasks to the well-assembled team over the years. By now there are 20 colleagues working to make sure that you spend a perfect evening at us. Our beers on the tap are constantly changing, and our chef provides an ever-changing menu.

You can read the full article in the April issue of Forbes.

Craft brewery and burger in downtown of Budapest

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