The Six-Year-Old Kandalló in Forbes

The Six-Year-Old Kandalló in Forbes

We were honored to have been interviewed by Forbes Hungary for our sixth birthday. In the article, we detail how the idea of a craft beer pub was born between six university friends in 2011, how we found the venue and why we completed our offer with a wide range of now award-winning burgers.

Kandalló Craft Beer Pub is among the Top 100 Hungarian Restaurants

Kandalló Craft Beer Pub is among the Top 100 Hungarian Restaurants

The TOP 10 Hungarian Restaurant as well as the Volkswagen-Dining Guide TOP100 Restaurant Guide were announced at the Restaurant of the Year Gala. For the Kandalló Pub, this year was extremely exciting because we were among the TOP100 restaurants, which is a great recognition in the profession.

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